Inspections: The First Step is Identifying the Wildlife

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Effective wildlife removal begins with the inspection. At Orion Wildlife solutions we pride ourselves on inspections. Animals will typically leave behind evidence that we can use for identification, and once we know the culprits we can make plans to remove it and prevent future infestations. We do thorough interior and exterior inspections in order to identify the creature and how it gained access to the property.

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Take note of possible signs of wildlife

A snake or bat removal specialist will provide direct insight on how to move forward with the job. Before getting started, it's important to let us know if you:

  • Heard noises in your walls or floors
  • Saw droppings or other signs of wildlife
  • Noticed a new hole in your roof or siding
This information helps us identify the culprits and develop a plan to complete your wildlife removal service.

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