Are You Looking for Humane Ways to Remove Wildlife?

Get personalized animal trapping services in New Haven, IN

Has a wild animal gotten comfortable in your home or office? Instead of opting for a nonethical removal service, why not choose the option that isn't cruel? Orion Wildlife Solutions offers animal trapping services in New Haven, IN. We'll set up a trap, then remove the animal safely.

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What Nuisance Wildlife am I Most Likely to Encounter?

New Haven, IN is home to so many animals. No wonder our services are needed. Count on us to provide:

  • Bat removal services
  • Bird removal services
  • Rat removal services
  • Mice removal services
  • Snake removal services
  • Squirrel removal services
  • Raccoon removal services
  • Opossum removal services
  • Chipmunk removal services
  • Groundhog removal services
  • Skunk removal services
  • Beaver removal services
  • Mole removal services
  • Vole removal services

Muskrats will erode pond banks, groundhogs will dig into barns, raccoons will tear a hole into the attic, rats will invade a garage, chipmunks will steal seed from the shed. Every species has a unique biology and each one requires a certain approach that can be tailored to an individual situation.

Leave specialty wildlife to the pros

When you're dealing with a beaver or groundhog invasion, there's only one company to call. Orion Wildlife Solutions offers mole, beaver, raccoon and groundhog removal services in the New Haven, IN. We have the experience and equipment needed to trap and remove a wide range of critters.

You can count on us to remove wildlife and seal up any potential entry points. Reach out right away to schedule groundhog or racoon removal services. We'll be happy to answer any questions.